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8 Dogs Video is a television production company that creates unique & shareable videos that tell the story of your business. We offer videography, a video editor, a producer, writer, voice talent & more! Our videos are perfect for a website or on social platforms so your consumer can get to know who you are and feel more connected.  We also create Legacy videos, Galas, Birthdays, Celebrations or Memorial videos for people or pets.  

8 Dogs Videos was created and named in honor of founder Julie Tristan's dogs she adopted.  Julie Tristan is an Emmy Nominated media specialist in TV and Radio & has been a professional photographer, writer & editor for almost 20 years.  She is known for her excellent storytelling ability, creativity and authentic manner.  The result is unique and captivating! 60% of people prefer to watch a video over reading a newsletter! 8 Dogs Video can help you create the perfect one or series of videos!

Julie Tristan is also an animal advocate and was named the Philanthropist Of The Year by a local animal rescue.  At the creation of this company her dogs were Yoda, Mason, Molly, Simone, Champ, Mya, Prancer and Ernest!  She loves to adopt old dogs and spend her free time volunteering at animal shelters or emceeing events for non-profits. If you're looking for a new furry family member, please rescue one at a local shelter!

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What 8 Dogs Video Can Do For You

Business Videos/Stories ($1,500+)


Every company should have the story of their business on their home page. What do you do? How can you help consumers? How did it all begin? We want to tell the story of your business to help your customers get to know you and feel more connected!   These are 3-5 minutes and can be done with or without voice talent.

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  • Business Video
  • Business Story

Legacy, Birthday, Celebration Videos, ($500)


Preserve your family history with a legacy video about a parent or grandparent! These include an interview with the person and pictures/ videos from childhood to present day! OR surprise someone on their Graduation, Retirement, Monumental Birthdays, etc!  These can include an interview or not.

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  • Legacy Video

Social Media Video ($500)


Are you having a Grand Opening or Media Night? Share it on social media with a 15-30 second compilation of what happened that evening with a video that sums it all up!  

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  • Social Media Video - Event

Memorial Videos ($100)


Memorialize the life of someone (dogs included) with a video about their life. The video can include pictures/videos you’ve taken with your camera or phone.  We can interview you about them or create one without interviews.

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  • Memorial Video

Gala/Event Videos ($1000+)

Showcase the wonderful work your non-profit has done the past year before the Fund-A-Need or donation part of the evening! We can use videos and pictures you've taken or create something completely unique! 

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  • Gala Video

& Anything Else (Varies)


Want to create Exercise Videos? Video Tips? Maybe you need something for Youtube!  Let us know! Videos are our specialty so we'd love to help!

Our videography and video editing team do it all!

Check out all of our videos below!

The 8 Dogs Sing Gloria CONGRATS St. Louis Blues

We had some fun with the dogs who were the inspiration for the name of this video production company in St. Louis! We wanted to show our pride for the new Stanley Cup Champs the St. Louis Blues!

Business Video: Promethean Hospitality

Businesses that use video have 41% more web traffic from searches than non-users!  Here's a video we did that was shared at a trade show and with their contacts to show them what they offer! This was done without our voice talent, we simply let the people involved  tell their story!  

Business Story: Marketing As A Service

Video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more! Here's a creative way to tell the story of your business!  This was done with one of our voice talents. 

Business Story: The Wagamama

74% of millennials would rather watch a video when comparison shopping!  So increase your foot traffic by showing them what you have in your story and entice them to stop by!  These can be updated regularly! It's up to you!  

Social Media Video-Event

If you have an event or function, promote it with a short and sweet video that you can share on social media! 

Legacy Video: Bonnie's Story

What's the story of your parents or grandparents? What were they like as kids, teens and young adults? How did your parents meet?  Capture these memories in a video that you'll have forever and can show for generations!

Gala Video: Dignity Period

Dignity Period is a wonderful non-profit organization that helps women and girls in Ethiopia! Here's one of their Gala videos! Their founder did the videography while on a trip to Ethiopia & then hired "8 Dogs Video" to put it all together with a video editor!

Memorial Video: Genevieve

It's so hard to lose a loved one but these videos are really nice to look back on after your heart heals.  We have so many pictures and videos of the ones we love on our phone or on facebook, let us make you something beautiful!

Dog shelter CARE STL Promo Video

Here’s a promotional video we created for animal shelter and nonprofit CARE STL in St.Louis! Meet some of their adoptable dogs and learn more about how you can help them on “Give STL Day” a day dedicated to 24 hours of giving!

Dog Easter Egg Hunt by 8 Dogs Video

Dog Easter egg hunts are adorable! This event was created by the city of Creve Coeur and Three Dog Bakery and it raises money for the St. Louis County Pet Adoption Center and the APA! They have lots of cute pups to adopt fyi  :)

Presents for Paws Fundraiser

Presents for Paws is a fundraiser in St. Louis, MO that raises money for animal rescues in town.  Each tree has pictures of adoptable dogs and cats and their wish lists on the back! 

The BEST Adoption Video You've Ever Seen :)

We offer videography, a video editor to create the perfect videos!

Website Videos Can Increase Conversions By 80%

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